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Meet The Precious Pawz Family

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” –Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

Having both grown up with numerous pets- hamsters, dogs, cats, and even rabbits- we always knew that we wanted to start a business to better provide for them. Recently, an opportunity arose that encouraged us to finally begin a pet product business. As part of this business, we wanted to start a blog for all things pets! As our first blog entry, we would like to introduce our continuously growing little family.

Rescue dogs, dog parents, dog leash, nature
Kristina, Brett, Bella, and Sandy


Kristina always had a passion for animals, and always brought stray animals home as a child. Sandy's story of adoption, as a stray dog, inspired her to start a local non-profit. Through this work, hundreds of dogs were successfully rescued and rehomed.

Since then, she has taken a step back from animal welfare to attend university. Studying Ecology has allowed her to combine her passion for animals and the environment. She graduated in 2021 with a B.Sc in Honours Biology and will pursue her Master's Degree in the near future.


Sandy is our sweet as pie, tan chihuahua mix. In 2012, Sandy was one of the dogs that came into care while Kristina was working in animal welfare. She was an ex-puppy mill dog and had quite a rough time in life. Sandy was around 3 years old at the time, and Kristina took her in along with a few other foster dogs. She has a very nurturing personality, which was immediately drawn to. Sandy was officially adopted into the family in 2012. She isn’t your typical chihuahua; she never barks, and coddles all our foster animals! She especially adores when we have foster kittens for her to carry around.


Bella is our brilliant and bouncing border collie mix. Bella also came into a shelter in 2012, after being found on the streets around 6 months old. We immediately knew she would be a foster failure. Bella fits in very well, and takes care of the pack! Bella adores hiking, learning tricks, and is the happiest dog. Her absolute favourite thing is the beach, despite not being the best swimmer. As you can tell she is also very obedient, making her very photogenic! Bella also adores all the foster animals that enter our family.


Brett and Kristina started dating in 2017. Brett instantly was drawn to the two dogs, even Piper, the rabbit Kristina was fostering. Connecting quickly through our passion for animals, it wasn’t long before he moved in with the lot of us. The dogs adopted Brett as part of the family immediately. Brett maintains a day job in construction; we started Precious Pawz as a passion project.


We always had various foster animals in and out of our house, from rabbits to fish. One day we came across Zara at our local animal shelter, and she was the last kitten of her litter left. We instantly fell in love and it was never a question of whether to adopt her or not; she seemed to be meant for our household. She fit in immediately, and our tiny runt kitten grew to be a very large cat. Zara has a very unique personality to match the name. She is incredibly gentle-natured and we joke she is the perfect therapy cat. She always welcomes any foster into our home and adores nurturing foster kittens we take in. Zara can often be found cuddling with Sandy as they are both very mellow.

Black cat, portrait, hazel eyes
Zara Doing Her Best Zoolander Impression


As our first cat, Zara loved fostering kittens and cats; we successfully fostered and re-

homed many over the years. In 2019, we took in a semi-feral kitten. He came into our lives during the Toronto Raptors title run, so we named him after Pascal Siakam as we felt that they shared similar energy. Pascal was very rambunctious and had a very hard time finding a forever home. As he hadn’t found a home for a long period, we realized he had grown into our family and we could not give him up. As of writing this, he is running laps around our kitchen. Pascal and Bella have a special bond, as they share a love for wrestling.

Cat, tiger, model cat
Pascal Deep In Thought(Or Scanning For Food)

Why did we start Precious Pawz?

What started as an idea to sell pet products on Amazon has become so much more. As we were researching products we realized how important sustainability is and how scarce it is amidst this growing e-commerce world. The further we dove into our little passion project the more we realized what we as consumers were missing, sustainable pet products. We aim to create a plethora of sustainable dog and cat products. As our brand continues to grow, we will develop and innovate to create a more eco-friendly, sustainable brand. Precious Pawz intends to weave together our values of rescuing animals and sustainability while providing the very best for your pets. We donate a portion of all proceeds to local animal rescues. Rescue animals are a passion of ours, and we encourage our customers to consider adoption.

We appreciate your support and hope to one day offer everything your pet could need. Please let us know if there are any sustainable products that you would like to see on our proverbial shelves.

For more information check out our interview with Go Solo.

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