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Cabo The Rhodesian Ridgeback Posing Beautifully On A Gray Bed With His Paws Out In Front Of Him.

  Here at Precious Pawz, we created a company with three goals: to provide high-quality products, environmental accountability, and superior customer service.


  • Quality: We share a deep connection with our own fur children and understand how much your pets mean to you. That is why we pride ourselves in providing them with high-quality toys, clothes and whatever else they may desire. We strive to find nothing short of the best, for our pets, and yours.


  • Environmental Impact: As we look to create new products, we want to be conscious of the impacts they may have on the environment. We always look for ways that we can minimize our environmental footprint. Our products are designed to reduce plastic waste and use sustainable or recyclable material whenever possible.


  • Customer Service: We know how important is to be available to our customers, and their owners too. We are accessible by email, so if you have any questions about our store policy, concerns or just want to leave us a comment, please do not hesitate.


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